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Feature on Cesare Casella

Feature on Cesare Casella; mentions both restaurants; piece written by Cesare.

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How Do Leading Chefs Feel About GMOs?

There are many different types of genetically modified foods out there, serving different purposes, and it has clearly become a controversial issue among farmers, brands, restaurants, and consumers. It is also an issue that chefs around the country think about a lot… in fact, we spoke with seven leading chefs and it’s clear that they all have […]

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Dean Cesare Casella–My Path to Success

Chef Casella talks to prospective students about the Italian Studies program at ICC.

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Fifty New York Restaurants and Bars Offering Good Food for Less

New York has fine and inexpensive restaurants. It also has plenty that serve large portions of carbohydrate-laden stodge. Here are 50 good places that Bloomberg News restaurant critic, Richard Vines tried during an extended visit from London. Most offer value as well as decent food.

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You’re Eating It Wrong: Pasta

For some, it’s almost second nature when faced with a bowl of long-stranded pasta to break out the knife and fork and start cutting away. Stop right there, says Italian chef/restaurateur Cesare Casella. Here are some #tuscantips for eating pasta from Chef Casella…

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