I just saw this cartoon about the great Marcella Hazan, who you probably know died in September. The cartoon is from The New Yorker cartoonist David Sipress and you can also read his full tribute to Marcella here. David writes about how she changed his life and really, I think she did that for everyone […]

I see that there is a new production of Romeo & Juliet on Broadway with Orlando Bloom and a new movie version with two kids I never heard of. You probably know the movie follows two other versions — one with Claire Danes and Leo, and the one I remember from when I was a […]

Anyone Can Be a Regular

This morning I read Frank Bruni’s article , “Familiarity Breeds Content” and I found myself thinking about my customers. I started my life surrounded by regulars. When I was a child at Vipore the regulars were like part of the family. I saw generations of families visit us over the years. For baptisms, birthdays, and anniversaries. We […]


As not only an Italian, but a Tuscan Italian, I am very proud of Italian food, ingredients, tastes, agriculture – really, anything that relates to eating and eating habits. Italians have a deep cultural attachment to nourishing, delicious food, and not very much interest in junk food. Or at least that is what I always […]

Belated New Year’s

It was a great holiday season. I cannot believe how fast a month went by! I loved to see everyone enjoying good food, good wine, and good company. It was also nice to slow down a little bit to appreciate family and friends. I am going to be very busy in the upcoming months and […]

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