In Search of a Bed

Suggested Wines: Torniello, Volpaia (Grapes: Sauvigon Blanc, Semillon); Nero del Tondo, Ruffino (Grape: Pinot Nero)

When Mama and Papa bought Bipore, it was an old inn, with three rooms and a restaurant upstairs, and a bar downstairs. s. Since we wanted more space for the restaurant, we converted the stanzina della televisione, “the small room with the TV” into an extra dining room. Six to fourteen could fit in the stanzina to eat, but if it was more than ten, we had to move the TV into my room, the stanza del fuoco, “the fire room,” which was exactly above the kitchen, toasty warm in winter and burning hot in summer. But when Nonna Cesarina came to live with us, everything got moved around. Papa gave Cesarina the stanza del fuoco; I got a murphy bed and was moved into the stanzina della televisione.

Unfortunately, the stanzina della televisione always got booked up, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. It was small and intimate and everyone loved it for private parties. For me, that meant not being able to go to sleep until the people finished eating. I rarely lasted that long, and instead I would crawl into the space under the refrigerator were there were sacks of bread I could use as a pillow. In the summer, I liked the capanna, the shed where we made tordelli and stored the big vats of wine. It was cool, and there was Billy, our dog, as a pillow. Sometimes I used other places, which meant that after everyone had gone, Mama and Papa had to search high and low to find me to put me to bed.