Memory food, Christmas Menu

December 18, 2012Posted in:

I can’t believe how fast the holidays are approaching. It is a time to reflect on what I like to call memory food. It is similar to comfort food but it doesn’t just make you feel cozy, it has a story behind it. We all have memory foods; they are the ones where the aroma and taste of the dish bring you right back to the moment when that dish made its impression. It doesn’t always have to be a profound moment to create a memory food; sometimes it is the simplest moment that leaves its mark. For the Christmas Eve menu at Il Ristorante I wanted to do my own interpretation of “The Feast of Seven Fishes.” While it is unclear why it is called that it is a tradition in Italy to eat fish on Christmas. Because we could not eat any meat or dairy on religious days we always ate fish. But since Christmas was special we ate a special meal of fish. I don’t think anyone ever counted 7 exactly but there was definitely a lot of fish. It was more about bringing the family together to enjoy the company and to celebrate the holiday. I wanted to bring my own personal style to this menu while keeping true to my Italian roots. I am very excited to share these memory foods with customers during this special holiday season. This menu will only be served on Christmas Eve. I should also mention that this meal has been said to bring good luck to those that eat it. I also have a special menu for New Years Eve that has been created using ingredients that are considered LUCKY!

Christmas Eve Menu at Il Ristorante
smoked salmon, blue fin tuna crudo , soppressata di polpo

Ostriche all’Apicio
walnuts, pancetta, honey, spezie forti

Sgombro in Carpione
spanish mackerel, market radishes, champagne vinegar

Gemelli con Gamberi e Cicerchie
cicerchie beans, shrimp, Parmigiano Reggiano

Branzino toscano
tuscan lentils, porcini carpaccio, lemon agrumato dressing

Torta di Formaggio
mascarpone, huckleberry, gingerbread gelato