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How Do Leading Chefs Feel About GMOs?

There are many different types of genetically modified foods out there, serving different purposes, and it has clearly become a controversial issue among farmers, brands, restaurants, and consumers.

It is also an issue that chefs around the country think about a lot… in fact, we spoke with seven leading chefs and it’s clear that they all have strong feelings on the matter. So how do leading chefs feel about GMOs? Floyd Cardoz, Frank Stitt, Cesare Casella, and others weigh in.

Note: This is one article in a series of stories; visit The Daily Meal Special Report: GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) for more.
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Fifty New York Restaurants and Bars Offering Good Food for Less

New York has fine and inexpensive restaurants. It also has plenty that serve large portions of carbohydrate-laden stodge. Here are 50 good places that Bloomberg News restaurant critic, Richard Vines tried during an extended visit from London. Most offer value as well as decent food.


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You’re Eating It Wrong: Pasta

For some, it’s almost second nature when faced with a bowl of long-stranded pasta to break out the knife and fork and start cutting away. Stop right there, says Italian chef/restaurateur Cesare Casella. Here are some #tuscantips for eating pasta from Chef Casella…

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Home-Bound Elderly Get Gourmet Meals From NYC Chefs Chefs enhance New York’s Citymeals-on-Wheels

NEW YORK—Citymeals-on-Wheels serves 18,000 elderly residents in all five boroughs. On Wednesday, the program took a step further. Not by providing more meals, but tastier ones. Today they will have a fine meal in the great tradition of haute cuisine. Each chef participating in the event made 100 meals, with a sampling of French, Italian, American and Indian cuisines…

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To Deliver: Get the Door; It’s Daniel Boulud

There you are, homebound, perhaps pushing 90, and who knocks on the door to deliver dinner? It might be Daniel Boulud! Starting Wednesday, January 22nd, a new program for Citymeals-on-Wheels called Chefs Deliver will feature a number of New York chefs who will cook for 100 to 200 people, and deliver a handful of the meals personally. Among the other chefs are Cesare Casella, David Burke and Scott Conant…

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America’s Best Cured Meats

salumeriarosiFrom prosciutto to pancetta, coppa to culatello, these are some of America’s great producers and purveyors of cured meats. 

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Things to Do on New York’s Upper East Side

Could it be? New York’s ever-genteel Upper East Side has found a decidedly downtown groove… including a stop at Il Ristorante Rosi.

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Where to Eat at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

Need a good place to eat at JFK Airport? Look no further. Here’s an update of Eater’s guide to JFK. It maps out every food option throughout the numerous terminals, from quick snacks to leisurely meals, and celeb chef cameo including Chef Casella’s Due Amici at Terminal 2. It’s all you need whether you’re rushing for a flight or hoping to kill a long layover. 


Salumeria Rosi Salame in PEOPLE Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Marcus Samuelson recommends Salumeria Rosi Salame Calabrese and Salame Toscano

Marcus Samuelson recommends Salumeria Rosi Salame Calabrese and Salame Toscano.

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