Romeo & Juliet Take Me Back to Verona

October 16, 2013Posted in:

romeo and julietI see that there is a new production of Romeo & Juliet on Broadway with Orlando Bloom and a new movie version with two kids I never heard of. You probably know the movie follows two other versions — one with Claire Danes and Leo, and the one I remember from when I was a kid, directed by Franco Zeffirelli.

I’m not such a movie geek, but all the pretty pictures of 14th century Verona made me hungry for a visit to some of my favorite haunts there.

12 Apostoli: I have great memories of 12 Apostoli from when I was in the army in Verona. I would go in and eat Chef Giorgio Gioco’s wonderful food. It has been and always will be a staple of contemporary Italian cuisine.

Ristorante Il Desco: One of the best, most classic restaurants in Verona.

Osteria al Duca: It is believed that this restaurant is in the palazzo where Romeo actually lived. Take a visit and see for yourself!